Did you ever want to freely tell your opinion without hesitation? Curse, rant, spread news, share pictures or tell secrets?
With Black Wall you now get the possibility to do exactly that, completely anonymous and worldwide!

Send text posts, share images or comment other entries! Show others what you think about their posts by raising their Kudos level - or lower it! This way you can also collect points and raise your Kudos level by posting useful information, sensible news or funny stuff. Simply, whatever your want!
All published entries are available worldwide immediately, this way your always get the latest information.

Your personal information are save in any way - because we never transmit them! You don't need an account, only the text you enter or the images you select will be transmitted, the data connection is end-to-end-encrypted and even your location will be randomized if you choose to transmit it. This way, your personal information stays where it belongs - on your side!

Client Testimonials

  • Black Wall is totally awesome! I can write whatever I want, nobody knows it's me!

  • We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us!

  • This is the best app ever. Whenever I want to share a picture and I want to hide the source of this image, I am using Black Wall.
    And this also counts for text statements you want to share! And never forget: it is visible world wide!



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Wagnergasse 5a
D-84187 Weng

info [at] blackwallapp.com